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Ntungamo Lions Club appeal on measles vaccination drive

By Our Reporter

Ntungamo Uganda

The lions clubs of Ntungamo members have appealed to the 
Ntungamo district and municipal authorities to increase preparation for vaccination of more numbers of children in the current measles and Rubella immunization campaign in the country citing low turn up results in the routine immunization against the two killer infections.

The ministry of health with support from the Unicef shall from October 16 to 20th embark on a campaign to immunize over 18 million children between ages 9 months and 15 years in and out of schools to increase resistance against measles and Rubella.

Speaking during a measles sensitization meeting at Kishariro Catholic Parish Nyamunuka town council over the weekend, Lions said the government need to increase preparedness in delivering vaccines to immunization centre and increase personnel that children and their care givers do not get disappointed with the process that many people shall be immunized and resilience increased.

The Ntungamo municipal health officer Dr James Ndyanabo, a member of the lions club of Ntungamo said there was increased commitment in the fight against measles and the partnership between the ministry of health and the LIONS of Uganda shall increase more information and mobilization form more children immunized.

He said less than 70% of the target population is normally reached for especially measles immunization during routine immunization because the targeted children are normally thought to have grown as the doze is given to children at 9 months.

At least 18 million children between 9 months and 15 years in the country are being targeted in the exercise. The LIONS clubs have been tasked with mobilization and communication for increased turn up. The first three days of immunization shall be done in schools with the remaining 2 done at health centers and other formal immunization outreach centers.

He said the integration of Rubella in the immunization for the first time in Uganda is a result of more suspected measles being confirmed to be Rubella which has also started killing children and more effort needed to be put in mobilizing for immunization campaign.

Ntungamo Lions club president Perez Rumanzi asked government to make more preparations to have more than the target population immunized as more pepe are willing to get immunized. He however asked government not to disappoint in vaccines and personnel after much has been put in mobilizing people to turn up.

“with this mobilization we are undertaking, it will be so disappointing if people turn up at health centers and find the vaccines out of stock or not delivered in time, it will be more disappointing if people cue up for the whole day without being worked on, it shall be inacceptable to us and the citizens.” Rumanzi said.

 The Kishariro parish priest Rev Fr Oscar Ahimbisibwe asked the partners in the measles- Rubella immunization campaign to increase coordination that all the target group may be reached

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